Harvest Noon Cafe is often available for reservation from Monday to Friday after 5pm with priority given to University of Toronto Graduate Students & Toronto Sustainable Food Co-operative (TSFC) members. Outside groups are also allowed to reserve the space.

Harvest Noon Cafe: Cafe Space use bookings are handled through our downstairs neighbours, the awesome GSU Pub. If you’re interested in booking our space, please print and fill out a Cafe Space use request form and bring it to the Pub during their open hours (generally weekdays noon to midnight). There is a $50 refundable deposit. If you wish to use the cafe space on a night that Harvest Noon has already reserved our own cafe space (for example Mondays when bread baking often occurs), please get in touch with and we’ll let you know whether accommodations can be made. 

Harvest Noon Cafe Kitchen: Our kitchen is also available for reservation on approval of the TSFC board. Please note — Kitchen Use requests follow a separate process than Cafe Space bookings AND Cafe Space bookings must occur prior to Kitchen Use requests. Our Kitchen Use policy and form can be found here. Please bring your completed Kitchen Use form to one of our café staff members during our open hours (10 to 2 weekdays). Unfortunately not all requests can be fulfilled.

Space or process related questions? Email