“Probably the most relaxing place I’ve been on campus.”
Life @ UofT (Taryn), “The Wonderful World of Student Run Cafés”. 21 January 2016.

“It is common to find many politically and socially conscious minds among the students at U of T. Yet, few on-campus food options can claim to be inexpensive, vegan, organic, healthy-minded, locally sourced, or sustainable. Harvest Noon is all those things, and consistently delicious too.”
The Varsity (Emily Katz and Malone Mullin), “Soup to Nuts: Inside campus’s sustainable, socially conscious Harvest Noon Café”. 2 February 2015.

“Vegan food doesn’t have to taste terrible.”
CanCulture (Esther Lee), “Harvest Noon: Good, local eats”. 1 February 2015.

“The food cooperative Harvest Noon does more than just fill your stomach. The café nourishes your brain as well as your body by giving students information on how to cook and live sustainably and organically. With an ever-evolving menu that uses seasonal produce, you’ll know you’re getting the freshest and finest food our campus has to offer.”
The Varsity (Emma Kikulis), “Welcome to U of T: The essential student spots on campus”. 31 August 2014.

“It was amazingly delicious, and combined with the peppermint iced tea I sipped out of a mason jar, was refreshing and energizing. And bonus: the meal was vegan and gluten-free! I’d heard that this place was amazing from so many people, and I can’t believe it took me so long to actually confirm that for myself.”
Life @ UofT (Elena), “Trying new things (in my stomach)”. 29 May 2014.

“It’s a cozy spot. The slope of a pitched roof and hand-me-down wooden furniture evoke the feeling that you’re in a tree fort.”
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