Gluten-Free Friday

Every Friday, Harvest Noon serves up a special, homemade gluten-free dessert, for sale throughout the day for the same price as our regular baked goods! The specific dessert will vary from week to week, but it will always be delicious and nutritious. This is in addition to our frequently gluten-free lunch menu, which always features gluten-free entrée options, our seasonal salad, and weekly bean dip.

Gluten-Free baked goods also sometimes make appearances on other days of the week too (especially Wednesdays).

Wondering why this isn’t Gluten-Free Everyday? Though we are committed to making our menu as dietarily accessible as possible , we also are committed to using primarily locally sourced ingredients, and organic gluten-free flours are not currently available from our Ontario suppliers.

*Note that while Harvest Noon does everything we can to keep our gluten-free options free from any contaminants, we are not a gluten-free facility. Those with serious allergies or concerns should consider this before eating at Harvest Noon.