Menu Philosophy

Harvest Noon is committed to providing our customers food that is: locally, sustainably, and organically grown; maximally economically and dietarily accessible; and most importantly, healthy and delicious! Our menu strives to balance these interests to the highest extent possible. We aim to provide choices for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diners alike, and to take all other allergies into consideration when balancing our menu options, incorporating customer feedback on a continual basis.

On average meals cost $3 to $5, and our menu changes weekly based on local seasonal produce, i.e. curries, soups, vegetable concoctions, and big salads. We bake gluten-free and heritage-grain snacks, and serve fair-trade tea and coffee, all under $2 each.

For the latest updates about what’s actually on our menu, check out our “This Week’s Menu” page.

(All costs mentioned above reflect member prices; non-members of the co-op please add an extra 10%.)