Harvest Noon is more than just a café—it’s project of the Toronto Sustainble Food Co-operative! (TSFC). Share in ownership of the organization and receive benefits such as:

  • Cheaper ‘member prices’ on food served at Harvest Noon Cafe (see below)
  • Discounted rates on workshops and events held by the co-operative
  • Influence on how Harvest Noon and/or other TSFC projects are run

For more information please see our Membership Agreement, also available upon request at the cafe.

How to become a member:

Membership is open to anyone willing to support the Toronto Sustainable Food Co-operative in its principles and operations. You can become a member by reading and signing our Membership Agreement, available at the cafe. We also ask that all new members either contribute a one-time $5 donation, or volunteer a minimum of two shifts at the cafe.

Member & non-member prices:

All non-members pay an extra 10% on all purchases made at Harvest Noon Cafe. This fee is meant to encourage membership in the co-operative, and all proceeds will directly go to support our operations and initiatives.

If you have any questions about membership, feel free to shoot us an email at info AT harvestnoon DOT com, or just ask at the cafe!