Member Mandate Question (2013 AGM)

Preamble: As some of you may be aware, University of Toronto graduate students have petitioned for a vote next March 2014 on continued membership in the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). While not affecting Harvest Noon Café or the Toronto Sustainable Co-operative directly, the Board recognizes that this issue is controversial, affects many of our members and organizations on campus have already begun taking sides on the upcoming vote (via issuing position statements and other means).

Given our emphasis on direct democracy, the Board felt it important to ask you, our members, what course of action to take.

For more information on the relationship the Graduate Students’ Union has with the  CFS, how a change in status would affect the GSU and the petitions themselves, please read the neutrally written UTGSU Executive FAQ:


Should TSFC/Harvest Noon Café


-Not Get Involved with matters concerning the relationship between UTGSU & CFS

-Support Continued Membership of the UTGSU in the Canadian Federation of Students

-Support Defederation/Decertification efforts from the Canadian Federation of Students by UTGSU members