Elections F.A.Q.

When is voting taking place?
Voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting on December 3, 2013. Members will be able to vote after all candidates have completed their verbal statements and Q&A period. Voting will be open until 30 minutes after the adjournment of the meeting, or as announced by the Chief Returning Officer at the meeting.

Who can run as a candidate?
Any individual with a Harvest Noon membership card issued on or before November 29, 2013 can run for election as a Director on the Harvest Noon Board.

Where can I submit my candidate statement?
You can submit your statement by November 26 through this link. All candidate statements submitted by November 26 will be circulated to our membership. Please note that you may still run for elections if you miss this date by declaring your candidacy at the Annual General Meeting before the cutoff time as long as you qualify, however your statement will not be circulated by email.

Why am I not allowed to campaign?
This policy is in place to provide a fair platform for all candidates. Candidates who submit their statements by November 26 will have their statements circulated to our membership list before the Annual General Meeting. Additionally, all candidates will be provided with an opportunity to speak at the Annual General Meeting during the period designated for candidates..

What is pre-campaigning?
Any mass messaging by candidates or anyone on their behalf constitutes campaigning and is not allowed before or during the voting period unless approved by the Chief Returning Officer. This includes putting up flyers at the cafe or in other spaces, sending messages through email or social media, or making verbal or written announcements to groups.

What happens if I spot a violation?
You can report any violations or concerns to the Chief Returning Officer at elections@harvestnoon.com.

What if I have questions about the elections process?
All inquiries can be sent to the Chief Returning Officer at elections@harvestnoon.com.