As part of our mandate to bring local, seasonal, and affordable food to the wider Toronto community, Harvest Noon occasionally caters events in addition to our regular café service. We are especially enthusiastic to cater events for like-minded groups with similar initiatives and mandates. However, catering is also a lot of extra work for us, and we cannot always fulfill all the requests we receive. The following information is intended to get you an indication of whether or not your particular catering request is suitable for our café.


  1. Catering requests must be submitted at least three weeks before the event. Between coordinating staff, mobilizing volunteers, planning menus, and ordering ingredients, this is the minimum amount of time we require. More advance notice is even better.

  2. Catering requests must be for events taking place at Harvest Noon Café, and outside of our normal operating hours; we do not offer off-site catering. However, our café space is bookable by anyone, through the GSU Pub located directly below us.

  3. Priority will be given to catering requests coming from groups with like-minded values and objectives.

Other important items of note

  • The maximum occupancy of Harvest Noon Cafe is 30 people; catering requests should not be for events exceeding 30 participants.

  • The food we cater is similar to the food we serve regularly at the café: that is, food that is local, seasonal, sustainably grown, and maximally dietarily accessible.

If you have read through this information and believe your catering request matches our expectations, print out the following form and fill in the requested information. Please deliver the form in person to Harvest Noon, during our normal operating hours (ask for the café coordinator, or the café staff person on duty); emailed request forms will not be considered.