Call-Out for Candidates for Election to the Board of Directors!

Interested in more actively contributing to the direction of Harvest Noon in the coming year? Well now’s your chance, as we’re calling out for candidates for election to our Board of Directors! There’s no doubt that becoming a director at Harvest Noon is a commitment and it entails a substantial amount of responsibility, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to involve yourself in an enthusiastic and engaging community, learn about not-for-profit and co-operative governance, contribute your unique skills and experiences, and learn from others. No prior experience is required.

Any member interested in becoming a Board Member is able and encouraged to run. In addition, this year we are encouraging interested members to submit personal candidate statements through our website by November 26. Statements submitted by this date will be made available for perusal on our website prior to the AGM and at the AGM itself. However, advanced submission of statements is not required, and candidacy declarations will be accepted up until the AGM.

Have questions about what it means to be on the board, and what specific sorts of responsibilities it entails? Then check out our “Running for Board FAQ”.

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