Breadmaking at Harvest Noon!

Did you know that Harvest Noon bakes all our own bread in house, fresh every week? And that we use exclusively local, Ontario-grown flours and other ingredients in our loaves? And that this is all done and planned by volunteers just like you? It’s true! And we want you to join us.

Check out our newly added breadmaking page for more info. Or, if you just want the short story: every Monday, from 6 p.m. in the café, the Harvest Noon Bread Collective gets together to bake our weekly bread, whip up our weekly hummus, and share a relaxed dinner together. These meetings are friendly gatherings happening in a relaxed atmosphere, and all are welcome! Whether you’re looking to learn how to make bread, to hone your kneading skills, or just to hang out with our team of volunteers, we want you there. No prior experience is necessary, and new volunteers are always welcome! Plus, all volunteers who show up get to go home with a free half-loaf of Harvest Noon bread (and that’s in addition to the free dinner)!

And if you can’t make it to our Monday night gatherings, you can always purchase full loaves of Harvest Noon bread at the café. Loaves go on sale on Tuesdays; for members, it’s $5 for a full loaf, $2.50 for a half, and for non-members, it’s $6 and $3. And any loaves we don’t sell on Tuesday are available free to members starting on Wednesday.