Annual General Meeting 2013

Toronto Sustainable Food Co-operative’s
Harvest Noon Café
2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Time: 5:30 p.m.: Registration / 6:00 p.m.: Start!
Location: Bahen Centre (40 St. George Street), Room 1130
Meeting to be followed by a social at Harvest Noon Café, with snacks!

Important Information & Deadlines

  • Only registered members of the café will have voting rights at the AGM; if you are not registered already, register at the café by Friday, November 29 (and if you’re not whether you’re a registered, just email and ask!)
  • Any member may submit a motion or motions to be voted upon at the AGM; if you would like to submit a motion to be voted upon at this year’s AGM, please email it to by Tuesday, November 26.
  • Members interested in running for the board of directors are encouraged to submit personal candidate statements through our website; statements submitted by Tuesday, November 26 will be made public on our website prior to the AGM and at the AGM itself

Meeting Materials
What’s an AGM?
Call-Out for Candidates for Election to the Board of Directors
Call-Out for Motions
Election Guidelines

Meeting Materials

What’s an AGM?

Our Annual General Meeting is a meeting that involves an overview of our operations and finances, the ratification of potential changes to our bylaws, a chance to get direction from members on issues, and the election of a new board of directors. All Harvest Noon members are encouraged to attend the AGM, regardless of their previous involvement with our organization. As a co-operative, Harvest Noon is its membership, and by coming out and contributing your opinion at the AGM, you ensure that Harvest Noon continues to represent the needs and desires of the community it serves.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the AGM, please address them to

Call-Out for Candidates for Election to the Board of Directors

Interested in more actively contributing to the direction of Harvest Noon in the coming year? Well now’s your chance, as we’re calling out for candidates for election to our Board of Directors! There’s no doubt that becoming a director at Harvest Noon is a commitment and it entails a substantial amount of responsibility, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to involve yourself in an enthusiastic and engaging community, learn about not-for-profit and co-operative governance, contribute your unique skills and experiences, and learn from others. No prior experience is required.

Any member interested in becoming a Board Member is able and encouraged to run. In addition, this year we are encouraging interested members to submit personal candidate statements through our website by November 26. Statements submitted by this date will be made available for perusal on our website prior to the AGM and at the AGM itself. However, advanced submission of statements is not required, and candidacy declarations will be accepted up until the AGM.

Have questions about what it means to be on the board, and what specific sorts of responsibilities it entails? Then check out our “Running for Board FAQ”.

Call-Out for Motions

Any member may submit a motion or motions to be voted upon at the AGM. Motions can be amendments to the bylaws or other issues related to the direction of our organization. Motions must be provided in writing to the Board of Directors by Tuesday, November 26th. If you would like to submit a motion to be voted upon at this year’s AGM, please email it to

Election Guidelines

Candidates should send their candidacy statements (maximum 500 words) and intent to run to the Chief Returning Officer by November 26, 2013, through this online form. Candidates may still nominate themselves after this date up to the day of the Annual General Meeting; however, their candidacy statements may not be circulated to our membership.


  • All candidates will have the chance to speak for at least 2 minutes and at most 5 minutes at the Annual General Meeting. The exact time will be determined at the Annual General Meeting according to the number of candidates running for election
  • Candidacy statements can address the candidate’s interest in running for a position on the board within the word limit, but should also be respectful of community guidelines and other candidates
  • Pre-campaigning is not permitted
  • Promotional material such as flyers or posters promoting any candidate will not be permitted before or during the elections in any space
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in disqualification at the discretion of the Chief Returning Officer

Election Process

  • All votes by eligible members during the Annual General Meeting will be considered
  • Voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting through a regular ballot with no ranking

Still have questions? Then check out our Elections F.A.Q.!

We strongly encourage all our members to actively participate in this process as candidates or voters. For more information, please contact the Chief Returning Officer with inquiries at

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